Torrents Prison Break y Heroes

Prison Break: 2×14 John Doe

Bellick gets a taste of the medicine he gave out when he was the Captain and Agent Mahone’s ex-wife makes another appearance.

torrent | subtítulos

Heroes: 1×12 Godsend

Matt reveals himself to his wife. HRG confers with Mohinder. Now that she knows the truth, Claire tries to make sense of her life. Hiro seeks the sword that he is destined to own. Niki must face the consequences of her decision to turn herself in to the police. Simone and Nathan are worried about Peter, who has been in a coma for two weeks. A new hero is introduced who meets Peter and offers him a different view of the recent changes in the human evolutionary process. Micah visits his mother.

torrent | subtítulos

Heroes: 1×01-1×11 (Episodios anteriores)

torrent | subtítulos

~ por triomiseria en enero 22, 2007.

5 comentarios to “Torrents Prison Break y Heroes”

  1. Ya salio el de heroes

  2. esperando que salga el de eztv que tiene mas seeds…

  3. Yo se pero a veces mandan muchas partes corruptas.

  4. seeeeeeee, eso es lo pelle de los torrents publicos, con todos pasa eso.
    Igual gracias por el link, segui entrando al blogsito 🙂

  5. editado con el torrent de heroes de eztv


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